Working with CGI and CGI Advantage
CGI Advantage clients describe what it is like to work with CGI....
published: 15 May 2013
author: CGIGroup
Future World Architectural 3D CGI and Green Screen Animation
Transform your simple Architectural CAD plans into detailed high quality 3D architectural ...
published: 03 Apr 2014
DC Universe Online Opening CGI and character creation
DC Universe Online 2014 game-play, awesome CGI intro and character creation.Sorry for volu...
published: 11 Jul 2014
Flash mob at CGI office, Bangalore
Logica had a flash mob in the CGI and Logica offices, Bangalore as part of the integration...
published: 21 Sep 2012
author: LogicaPlc
CGI & VFX Breakdowns HD: "Bugünün Saraylısı" - by Genius Park
Check out this revealing VFX breakodwn from the Turkish TV Series, "Bugünün Saraylısı", by...
published: 02 Jul 2014
Cheech, Chong & Indiana Jones Return, Good CGI and Robot Suits! CineFix Now
published: 23 May 2014
Gareth Edwards, Film director discussing CGI and film p
published: 09 Nov 2013
CGI & VFX Animated Shorts HD: 'MALAISE" - by Daniel Beaulieu
Check out this fatastic CGI animated short film by the talented Daniel Beaulieu! This is h...
published: 11 Mar 2014
CGI VFX Stop-Motion Short Film HD: "OMEGA" - by Eva Franz and Andy Goralczyk
Check out this fantastic example of stop-motion skill and creativity the short film called...
published: 27 Apr 2014
CGI and Boba fett
in honor of Jontron and George Lucas when they visit Jupiter his video: http://www.youtube...
published: 09 Jan 2013
author: animeninja2
AMC Mail Bag - Should THE THING Be CGI Or A Costume? ACE VENTURA 3?
On this President's Day special installment of AMC Mail Bag we take the following viewer q...
published: 17 Feb 2014
cgi and vfx behind sagZ's short........
published: 24 Sep 2013
Fights, CGI, and Digimon Oh My
published: 09 Aug 2013
Animator/ CGI and VA recruiting
To apply: Email me the video for your audition and you will receive an email to notify you...
published: 25 Mar 2012
Youtube results:
CGI and Computer Animation - Scentific Visualization - 3284689
CGI and Computer Animation - Scentific Visualization - 3284689...
published: 06 Nov 2011
CGI VFX Showreel HD: "VFX Making Of Showreel 2012" by - 3 Little Pix
Here is a terrific VFX breakdown showreel featuring a behind the scenes peek at some of 3 ...
published: 01 Jan 2013
author: TheCGBro
Film Geek Primer: A Conversation #4 - CGI The plus and Minus
Santo and Schu look at CGI and how it has been a benefit and detractor to the filmmaking p...
published: 12 May 2014
First AUTHENTIC Footage of "Grey Alien" Absolutely NOT C.G.I.!! KGB, NSA, CIA, DNI, LEAK!!!!
COMMENT RULES (Must be Factual, On Topic, Educated Opinions ONLY, I will NOT Moderate just...
published: 25 Jun 2013
author: Jin Ion